Winners don’t quit, quitters don’t win


We use this image quite a lot when we work with the DKS Sport. clients because sport has a way of delivering you opportunities…
Just think what happens to a boxer losing a round, a snooker player missing a couple shots, a show-jumper knocking a pole down, a race driver having a spin, a golfer loses a ball…

They all carry on !!!!

So how and why do they continue as if nothing has happened? !!! in some cases come back to win !!!
Well it’s all about the mindset, the RIFEE, it’s about getting back to the plan, the focus, know it’s a step to learn from, to regain your composure…

“winner don’t quit, quitters don’t win”.

Whether personal, business or sporting you will need a coach to help you develop your mindset, create your plan, develop your focus so that you too can create the steps to success that you want to achieve

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