To busy for improvements ?


As a non-executive director with a couple of businesses and having sat on many a committee meeting, most problem-solving meetings don’t end well, as most businesses don’t come to the table fully prepared..

I think, with this top tip it might enable you to do so….

There’s nothing worse than getting a group of smart people together to solve a problem and then having the discussion devolve into chaos.
This usually happens when people are at different stages of the problem-solving process.
To get everyone on the same page, take a methodical approach and conquer one step at a time.

First, ask:

Does the team genuinely understand the problem it’s trying to solve?
If you can’t clearly articulate it, draft a succinct problem statement.
If the group understands the problem, but hasn’t yet produced a set of potential solutions, concentrate on generating as many quality options as possible.
If you already have solutions, assess their strengths and weaknesses, and develop a list of pros and cons.
Then you can use your time together to do the often difficult work of choosing a solution — and make sure that the final decision is in writing.
The last stage, once you’ve selected the solution, is to develop an implementation plan.
While conquering just one problem-solving stage at a time may feel a bit underwhelming at first, this methodical approach will often help the group leapfrog ahead, sometimes to the end of the problem-solving cycle.

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