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In pursuit of looking good, too many women have lost the connection with their bodies, working with DKS Sport we are celebrating the true potential of exercise – strength, pride and good health

I was glued to the TV for the recent Olympics and will be when any high profile sporting event is on, I’m often attending as many sporting competitions as I can through working with DKS Sport clients.
The extraordinary talents required for an individual to rise out of the crowd, work through the training, over hurdles of anxiety, and onto the tracks of a global competition have got to be admired. And, I hope in some way replicated.

For if there is one thing it would be laudable to see coming out of all sporting events including the recent 2012 Olympics would be that some of athletes desires, mindset and attributes, their get-up-and-go can inspire the rest of us.
Olympians are utterly focused on their bodies as machines, which throws into stark contrast just how out of sync many of us have become with our own.

Modern life has provided us with a huge number of get-outs from basic activity, Internet shopping has saved us from getting out to the high street, Facebook means we don’t need to leave the couch to meet our friends. As a result, we are becoming increasingly sedentary and unhealthy.

A big fat problem

Latest figures show that when poor diet and obesity are combined as causes of illness, they cost the NHS £10.9 billion a year.
Physical inactivity costs it another £900 million. We are slurping and slouching our way towards American super-sizing.

For girls, an ambivalent relationship with your bodies starts at school, as they change from kiss-chasers in the playground to surly PE – haters.
Perhaps its because you are self-conscious about your developing bodies or periods, or you don’t want to compete.
A survey by the Women’s Sports and Fitness Foundation showed the 51% of the school-aged girls questioned hated PE, and 48% believed sweat was unfeminine.

Once out of school many young women can’t get past the mirror.
A recent survey for “Cancer Research UK Race for Life” claimed that two out of five 18 – 24yrs olds were more worried about their appearance than their health, with 16% of those surveyed were putting off exercising because it would spoil their hair or make-up.

The recent boom in gym membership shows there are plenty of grown-up women who take care of their bodies very seriously. Sometimes I do wonder, though if the holier-than-thou attitude of the utterly devoted, who daily run miles into work or train for marathons, might not put ordinary mortals off joining in. An extreme passion for exercise doesn’t necessarily translate into health.
And for too many women, the only reason they would consider exercise is to be slim. (to fit into the clothes they want, to feel sexy in an attempt for regaining lost love and passion)

But the connection between exercise and weight loss isn’t that straightforward. You reduce your size by reducing the amount you eat, exercising increases your metabolism, so burns calories faster, which can make you want to eat more.
I`d always thought you couldn’t have one without the other, but in more recent years my mind has been changed.

Exercise for most women now is about regaining their lives back, so for most, Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, walking and the odd park-run enable a more toned, flexible, supple, strong body, giving more confidence, in turn, more self-confidence, a more active sex life.

“Women are exercising more to live the life they want, to be a strong woman is to be proud of who you are and what your body can achieve”

You don’t have to be super human to feel stronger .

  • Reach high, crouch low – without groaning. If you cant, stretch as much as you can each day.
  • Move whenever you can, take the stairs, walk up the escalators, get up and go to the kitchen instead of letting a colleague.
  • Challenge yourself to go for a long hilly walk every fortnight.
  • If you fancy trying a sport but don’t know where to start, drop into your local sports facility or look at where your friends go, park-run, zumba, etc
  • Don’t expect everything to change immediately…..

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