Making the most of your marketing and advertising ?


As a Business Coach & consultant, I often hear people say this, and there’s no doubt with so many advertising and marketing options available to us these days it’s certainly getting harder to know what and where to spend your advertising money on.

The truth is Marketing and Advertising does work!!!!

But where a lot of people go wrong is they are looking for a quick fix solution. They’ll place one ad in a publication, on social media, or run a few ads on the radio and expect it will lead to new customers flooding through the doors.
Unfortunately it just doesn’t work like that. On average it takes up to 11 touch points with new customers before they will do business with you.

I recently received a call from a client I had worked with last year.

He was telling me how in the last 6 months his sales had doubled and he’d made the same amount of money in the last 6 months as he did for the whole of last year.

I asked him what he put the increase down to?

He said:-

“There isn’t one thing in particular that lead to the increase, but if I thought about what I was doing differently I’ve implemented the plan you helped me create, I’m doing all the small things that I haven’t been doing for some time – I’m being CONSISTENT with my approach and follow up to the advertising and marketing campaigns “.

There is a ratio we use in the sporting world for brand marketing and sponsorship activation, that is a 3-1 ratio, by this i mean for every 1 pound you spend on advertising, marketing, branding, promotion you need to consider 3 pound on the activation, follow-up, support, engagement and sales.
This might sound like a massive challenge but with a consistent approach to marketing it is achievable and you don’t even have to have a big advertising budget. 
You know we will always mention the power of sporting advertising, not just as a sponsor to a athlete, team or event. But we will always highlight to you for consideration the partnership opportunities, as we know there is a greater return on investment in most cases than normal business avenues.

Here are a few tips to getting the most out of your Marketing and Advertising:

1) Think about all the different types of marketing mediums you have available to you that make your 11 touch points with potential new customers. eg. Website, Online Directories, Social Media, Linked-In, Networking, Email, SMS, Telephone, Brochures, Signage, Print, Radio, TV, Sponsorship, Business Awards, etc.

Decide how often you’ll use these mediums to market your Business, and develop a Mini Marketing Plan and Calendar.

2) Allocate some time each week to implement your Marketing and Advertising .

3) Be consistent. Marketing and Advertising your Business is about doing all the small things right on a regular basis. . 

4) Think about who your Ideal clients are and where would you reach them? What sort of messages would they want to see/relate to? 

* see our business page about looking in and looking out

5) Givers Gain! Provide your potential customers with free tips or advice to help them succeed.

If you are always selling to your database they’ll soon switch off or opt out from your marketing. 

6) Be bold, be different and stand out from the crowd with your marketing. There’s plenty of “beige/plain” marketing out there that no one ever notices

7) Measure all your marketing and advertising to see if it’s working, you are looking for a return on investment !!! 

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