Transport Experience

With our previous knowledge and experience in the garage and transport sector we set up our business in 1994.

Our initial work was based around the transportation of our own sports team equipment and machinery to competitions across the Uk and Europe.

As this progressed we found we were not only advising other teams on logistics but running and operating their vehicles.

As our team and staff were qualified to drive HGV`s we setup and operated a driving school for many years.

There was an increasing need for professional drivers not just in the haulage industry, as vehicles and loads are increasing in size and value, the growth of the sporting arena, where vehicles started to be considered a critical part of the advertising as much transportation

Who We Serve

With this experience and background, we as consultants work with you and your business to find and create the solutions you require to grow and develop.

Over the years we have consulted and continue to work with the following transport sector businesses :-

  • Mobile advertising vehicles.
  • Vehicle branding.
  • Vehicle storage. (long and short term)
  • New & used vehicle delivery.
  • Trade plate delivery.
  • Multi drop deliveries.
  • Driving schools.
  • HGV low loaders.
  • ADR transportation.
  • National & International race teams.
  • Agency drivers.
  • Off-road transportation.
  • Vehicular hospitality.
  • Event & show set-up vehicles.
  • CPC Driver training.

Equine transport

Alongside our transport and logistics consultancy, back in 2005, we set up our own specialist Equine transport based in East Anglia.

When the law changed in 1997 we saw an influx of equine owners needing to pass a test to transport their horses for shows and events.

We saw a niche to supply transport for vets and private equine owners.

We enjoy the diversity that equine transports brings, from yard moves, attending lessons, pony clubs, local & national competitions & events, trips, days out and holidays to the forest and beach, cross country and showjumping.

With our experience, we have been approved prefered suppliers and appointed various contracts with animal rescue and insurance companies.

For most professional yards and teams it was easier to employ a driver who had the driving experience in such vehicles (see below) as it was to train someone.

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