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When companies invest money into advertising and marketing their business their ultimate aim is to attract customers.
Understanding customers is imperative in attracting them to your business.
If you don’t know who they are, where they are, what they like and how they purchase products and services you won’t be successful in attracting them to your business

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This is an ever changing scene too, so what you thought you knew about your customers habits a few years ago may not be relevant today.
A lot has been written and spoken about building a profile of your customers and the more detailed this is the more detailed you can be when targeting them.
How customers purchase products and services and what influences them to do so has changed vastly in recent years.
We currently live in a golden era for the ability for businesses to get their message out to people.

There is so much advertising and marketing noise from companies all making promises and guarantees that customers, now more than ever, rely on friends and recommendations to cut through this noise before making a purchase.
Gone are the days that the a hotels most important customer was the person reviewing the hotel for a hotel guide where their review would be the main way of attracting new customers.
Nowadays every customer is a hotel guide and has the power to influence other customers in many different ways.

The rise in importance of customer review sites like Trip Advisor and all social media platforms has altered the customers purchasing journey.
The recommendations of a customers friends and followers has always carried a huge amount of weight but now people have the power to reach infinitely more people than ever before and can do so in an instant.

This affects what businesses need to do in order to ensure these recommendations are positive.
A business needs to gain the trust of their customers and turn them into believers for them to spread a positive word to others.
In order to do this a business must understand their customers wants and needs and use every touch point within the business to impress them enough so that they feel strong enough to tell their friends about you.

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