Are your receptionist`s making you money?


Is your front of house team / receptionist`s making money for your business?

They should do!!!

If they don`t, then please keep on reading, I will endeavour to turn your front of house from a cost centre to a profit centre.

It often surprises me that so many salon, barbers, garages, spa`s and health club owners think of the front of house / receptionist as a luxury, Something they would like to afford but cannot seam to justify…

Your front of house / receptionists are fee-earners just like the rest of your team, just the way they earn the business money is less obvious..

So lets start at the beginning .

From my experience there are far to many wannabe receptionists and front of house staff that still think of the role as a the “old school” meet and greet, thus if you employ someone with this attitude and view its very unlikely you will make them pay-their way.
I want you to be focused from the very start by getting the right type of person for the role.
“Remember you get what you advertise for”.
So when you think about the recruitment process consider the role the people will be applying for, consider changing the wording and include that is selling the business services and products are part and parcel of the role……

In you advert and throughout the recruitment process:

  • Tell the candidates exactly what the role involves this will remove any preconceptions they might have.
  • Sell, advise that your business has and is offering a career path.
  • Recruit for the attitude and train for the skill.
  • Is your front of house / receptionist giving away your profit ?
  • Firstly understand areas where the front of house / receptionist can generate revenue for the business.
  • Create effective but simple systems that act as a checklist for the business to maximise the revenue.
  • Train the team !!!!!!!
  • So lets give you a top tip you can implement and save / gain you thousands:-

TOP TIP Example :-

Take a quick look at your appointment book, count how many 15 min spaces you have in the day between clients.
So let’s say you have 4 x 15 min breaks between clients
Lets do some basic maths ….

  • 4 x 15 min gaps = 1 hour
  • 1 lost hour per day x 6 days a week your open that’s 6 hours.
  • 6 hours a week x 52 = 312 hours.
  • (My guess is that`s about 39 working days).

So we need to understand what your services and products are and the average rate for an hours work.
(I know this will differ between spa`s, hairdressers and car garages but we will work on a £40 per hour for this example, I know you will have multiple chairs, beauty rooms and mechanics, but lets look at the basics )

So let’s look at how much money your front of house / receptionist could be generating:

So the average rate for a hour is £40 so with 15 min x the 4 gaps = £40 per day extra income.
£40 per day x 6 days a week = an additional £240 per week.
£240 per week x 52 week = £12,480 per year income…
So thats £12,480 turnover per year all for some 15min gaps in your bookings !!!!!

Now you need to understand, you need to train the front of house / reception staff to look out and avoid these costly 15min gaps.

Don`t let the client dictate the exact appointment booking time (unless absolutely critical to getting the booking) If the client asks for 10;45 they will take 10;30 if the staff offer that to them.
Have fixed times for services / haircuts / treatments etc, make sure the team adhere to these (unless there is a good reason) you need to empower your front of house / reception team to insist on these with the rest of the team and then to look out for any members that are “building” their own space in on busy days.
Whilst it may be sensible to allow a 15 min catch up at some point in the day, i suggest you keep an eye on this, a break for a quick smoke/vape / tea/coffee or just to give themselves an easier day is costing you, the business owner, a big chuck of profit each year !!!!!!

If your front of house / reception team only manages to reduce those troublesome 15 min gaps by 50% each month they will have still freed up valuable appointment time, time that you can then fill with clients.

Extra profit for no extra cost.
The front of house / reception team have a job that now is selling your business services or products.
There are plenty of people out there who dislike selling, That’s fine, just don’t employ employ them for front of house / reception.
Now you see the importance of the right people for your front of house / reception you need to put in training systems and procedures to maximise the revenue potential, these people will become your front line sales force.

There are 3 vital selling scenarios where your front of house / reception team can have a dramatic effect on your bottom line :-

  • Hooking new clients
  • Nail the re-bookings / return visits
  • Selling the add-on`s / additional services and products …..

Remember my motto:-

“Leaders and management work for the staff, the staff work for the customer, the customer works for the business”

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