About The DKS Group

DKS Group is a multi-faceted organisation working with You, & Your Business.
Creating and implementing solutions, to bring future;
Growth, Prosperity, Success, Health, Wealth and Well-being.

Our mission is to….

“…to empower you, develop you, your business, your sport, for the future you want”

Our clients benefit by….

“…our years of experience and expertise across multiple business sectors, bringing the best working practice’s
to develop you and your business”

Our values and beliefs….

“…with our years of business experience, we believe that working together brings a better and more efficient outcome.

As such, we value our relationships, partners, customers, suppliers.

We believe strongly in communication, support and networking”.

Our backstory….

We set up our business in 1994.

We started out running our own motorsport race teams and needed to transport our vehicles and equipment. Over time, the growth, results and professionalism that we showed, got us noticed. As such we were asked to work with other teams and businesses, not only to transport but to help build their brand, improve their image and create fan engagement.

Our original aim was to assist and develop athletes, models, presenters, commentators, teams and venues, to become more professional in their appearance and approach to the business world.

In the beginning, we worked with them to grow and develop their profiles, public image and branding. As we gained more experience, connections, contacts and knowledge we assisted them with contract negotiations, forging partnerships and management support. We were then invited to consult and work with promoters and sport’s governing bodies.

They saw the need to become more professional, accountable to show a business-like approach, not only to gain sponsorship but credibility in the public eye.

We have over the years hosted, promoted, managed, organised and run various sporting events.